Trust Consult / Cartesis / BusinessObjects

Spider, the worlds first corporate investment management software, developed for DOS.Belgian Trust Consult started developing the world-wide first software solution to support Shareholding Management  in 1986. The solution ‘Cosmos’ was launched in 1996 after the acquisition of a French competitor in 1993. Two years later Cartesis acquired Trust Consult and launched the product ‘Insighter’ by the end of 2002.

In April 2007, BusinessObjects acquired Cartesis. BusinessObjects itself was acquired by SAP in January 2008. Finally, in June 2008, SAP and zetVisions AG, the current SAP-partner for Shareholding Management and Corporate Investment Management applications, agreed that zetVisions would continue the support of Cosmos and Insighter customers.


One of the first versions of AMI, from the very beginning developed for MS Windows.The founders of Opendata started in 1994 a project within one of the biggest banks in Germany in order to facilitate the management of their corporate investments. Three years later they finally founded the Opendata Systemhaus GmbH and successfully developed a standardized product named "Anteilsbesitz-Management-Informationssystem" (AMI; "Shareholdings Management Informationsystem") out of this project.

In the beginning mainly big banks were acquired as customers followed soon by corporate groups from other industries. The clear focus of Opendata on the management, controlling and accounting of shareholdings of corporate groups lead to market leadership in Germany.

In the mid of 2007 zetVisions AG acquired Opendata and integrated them step by step in an unified organization. End of July 2009 finally the merger of the zetVisions Deutschland GmbH into the zetVisions AG finalized this integration. This step was accompanied by moving into a new common office in Heidelberg.


zetControl for Private Equity - the first SAP-qualified solution by zetVisions in 2003zetVisions AG was founded in 2001. Initially zetVisions focussed on a legal entity management solution for the private equity and venture capital industry which was qualified as a SAP industry solution in 2003.

2006 zetVisions signed a "Software Development Cooperation Agreement" with SAP and developed the first version of the "zetVisions Corporate Investment Manager". This first SAP-based standard solution for legal entity management was tested and certified in an extensive qualification process and finally included in the SAP offering as an SAP-endorsed business solution.

With the acquisition of Opendata 2007 and continuing the Insighter/ Cosmos-business 2008 zetVisions broadened its customer base and, first of all, the knowledge base in the demanding field of legal entity management. 

The result: A unique combination of experienced experts, well established solutions, and the potential for powerful innovation.