zetVisions CIM at the Haniel Group

Company Profile

Haniel is an internationally operating Group with four Corporate Divisions: Celesio, CWS-boco, ELG and TAKKT. They are each independently active in the trade and service industries – and they are all market leaders. Haniel also holds 34.2 per cent share in METRO AG. In 2008, the Group generated 26.4 billion euros turnover. Around 50,000 employees contributed to Haniel’s success, 40,000 of whom are from outside Germany. 
Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH, the Holding Company, is responsible for Group-wide strategic and financial leadership as well as human resources development.

Initial Situation

  • No system for management of corporate investments
  • Only XLS- and access-files, different systems in each Business Unit


  • One central, consistent data source for investment data with local responsibilities
  • Fixed responsibilities for maintenance
  • Differentiated authorization concept with reading and editing permission
  • Global access via the Internet


  • Collective administration/management of investments
  • Consistent, reliable data base for all investment-related data
  • Entire historical information on share properties, mandates, and control rights at any time
  • System-generated creation of organizational charts of the legal structure
  • E-mail reminders / workflow / concept of authority
  • Integrated document management

"With zetVisions CIM the specialty departments receive up-to-date information about all companies of the decentralized organized Haniel Group. Therewith all divisions benefit from this consistent basis of information."
Beate Bahr, Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH