The “z” stands for “zealous.”

Our history begins in 2001 – the year our company was founded. Since then, we’ve bundled our strengths at our company headquarters in Heidelberg and provided our customers with highly efficient, state-of-the-art solutions for future-proof legal entity and master data management.

Our aim is to offer software that provides companies with a significant competitive advantage, an aim that over the years has culminated in market leadership in legal entity management software. With the experience of 400 interdisciplinary projects, we’re the leading European center of expertise in this sector. 

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Targeted Path to Success

Our Approach to Ensuring Successful Projects

zetVisions’ standard approach to projects can be broken down into the following five project phases:

  • Project preparation
  • Target concept
  • Implementation
  • Production preparation
  • Launch and support

Each of these phases is concluded as a milestone before the next phase of the project can be initiated.

During the project preparation phase, the project scope is defined and a detailed project plan prepared in coordination with the customer. The official project begins with a kick-off meeting and a project team training course at the customer’s location.

Analysis workshops are held in the subsequent target concept phase, during which the customer’s requirements are defined, so that they can be established in trade concepts in the next step.

The zetVisions solution is also installed in the system environment at the customer’s location during this phase.

The individual trade concepts are realized in the following implementation phase, after which any planned data migration is prepared. This phase concludes with the customer testing the settings and adjustments that were carried out by zetVisions on the test system.

During production preparation, zetVisions helps the customer plan the launch and possibly replace the old database. Users are trained on the system in preparation for the launch.

In the final launch phase, the system goes live, and the project is concluded and handed over to support.

Successful Projects

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