Cooperation with IBM

Legal Entity Management Solution zetVisions CIM with IBM Cognos Reporting

The zetVisions Corporate Investment Manager (zetVisions CIM) now offers further options and uses IBM Cognos Reporting. All information is now available with IBM Cognos tools without requiring other applications (such as SAP BW installation).

Leading companies all over the world decide on IBM Cognos solutions for Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and companywide Performance Management. We facilitate these companies a direct connection of legal entity information in best quality to their existing Cognos tools. Furthermore, it is possible to acquire the connection to Cognos with zetVisions CIM and therefore to establish an innovative reporting.

Setting up a Prototype

In order to test the interaction of CIM-data and Cognos-tools, specialists of both companies have built a prototype in a joint project in October and November 2010.

  • Installation of zetVisions CIM
  • Installation of IBM Cognos 8 with corresponding components (like Virtual View Manager)
  • Development of a meta data layer
  • Integration tests
  • Tests of performance, stability and security (control of authorization)


At the end of the evaluation projects it was clear:

  • It is possible to report zetVisions CIM data with IBM Cognos 8 (in the future also with Cognos 10)
  • Performance  and usability are ensured
  • Development of individual reports with existing Cognos know-how is easily possible
  • The use of SAP BW is not necessary at all

This leads to the following possibilities:

  • Specific and exact assessment of expenditures for the reporting with IBM Cognos
  • Usage of existing Cognos know-how
  • Integrated reports by combining new with existing Cognos reports

Background Information

The zetVisions strategy focuses on the customer. Since many customers - even from the SAP environment - decide on IBM Cognos Reporting, we offer suitable solutions for this clientele. zetVisions is, additional to its SAP partnership, IBM Business Partner as of mid-2010. Further partnerships with consulting companies and software distributors complete the know-how network around the market leader for Corporate Investment Management in Germany and Europe.