Our Guiding Principles

Our thoughts and actions are oriented towards corporate guiding principles. These principles are concerned with “working out the essential criteria that are supposed to distinguish our company in the future” (Hans Ulrich). The objective is a vision of the future that can be described as a “realistic ideal” (Hans Ulrich). We are aware that this ideal represents the desired target state. Our claim is to approach this state with every action on every day.

Nevertheless: the guiding principles are, if nothing else, our code of conduct, which can be used to measure our actions by us and our stakeholders.

Our long-term goal:
Vision of zetVisions

We want to be one of the world’s leading vendors of innovative software solutions and services that enable others to establish a strong foundation for strategic decisions based on greater data quality and optimized business processes.

The Path to the Ultimate goal:
Our Mission

We use our industry-leading position as a vendor of legal entity management software as a strategic platform from which to grow organically and tap into new markets, both geographically and in terms of additional profitable business areas. Comprehensive specialized and technical know-how, years of experience with a wide variety of projects, and a gift for innovation form the basis of our ability to provide companies of any size with superior solutions. We can lay claim to being the industry’s “partner of choice” due to the fact that everything we do, we do with uncompromising quality and unparalleled commitment to service, all while providing our customers with tangible and effective benefits. As a team, we all pull together to provide, enhance, and improve imaginative products and services that create real value.

The Convictions that We Are Guided by: Our Values


We have a cross-departmental continuous improvement process. We are always up to date with the latest specialized and technical developments, as well as legal and regulatory amendments. When faced with problems, we act quickly and arrange an effective solution.


We offer products and services that are not just “state of the art,” but that also feature productive innovations that can be successfully applied and that penetrate markets.


We are a trustworthy and reliable business partner for projects of any size. We keep every promise we make to our customers. We also meet all the expectations we set.

Team Spirit

We interact with each other in a trusting and cooperative manner, and our relationships are characterized by mutual appreciation and respect. We work together seamlessly across every department and hierarchy and support each other mutually so that we can achieve our common goals


We have an open-door policy. Being open internally and externally is one of the defining characteristics of our organizational culture. We prove this by means of our sincerity, honesty, and straightforwardness: hidden agendas are foreign to us.

Effective Success

We want to be a high-yielding company that grows organically. This is why our focus lies with the expansion of profitable customer relations and the development of promising business portfolios. The successful development of your company is, if nothing else, the base for our individual benefits.

Customer Value

Impeccable data quality and efficient processes guarantee: a) lower costs, b) improved compliance and data governance, and c) a solid foundation for strategic decisions.

Who We Want to Be for Our Customers: Our Promise

To be a reliable and trustworthy partner that provides efficient services and effective, high-quality, state-of-the-art software solutions that are user-friendly, easy to customize, and require little time to implement.