zetVisions employees report

Bianca has been working in Controlling at zetVisions since January 2014.

My typical working day starts with…

… a triathlon: climbing 3 flights of stairs (from the parkade), 20-m sprint to the coffee machine and 30 sec booting up the PC. Then I read my emails and prioritize the tasks for the day.

Typical challenges in my working environment are…

… in cooperation with the project leaders, to display conditions and requirements for a customer project in a conclusive project structure, so that projects can be regularly evaluated and guided.

… evaluating the costs and the income of the different company departments and analysing them in cooperation with the department heads

…make statements about individual requests and display them in a transparent analysis

… multilingualism: “Controlish” has to be ready to be translated into English or German at any time  ;-)

My highlight today was...

… the development of a new analysis option for a complex topic.

At zetVisions excites me especially…

… that I love coming to work. The interaction with co-workers is casual but respectful. Even with superiors the cooperation is always at eye-level.

… through my diversified task area I can learn a lot and always have the possibility to involve myself. Especially during the soccer world championship I learned a lot about analysis and forecast in our betting games. ;-)