Working climate:
What to Expect at zetVisions

Culture and Values

At zetVisions, we have a confiding and cooperative relationship with each other, which is dominated by our mutual appreciation and respect. Our thoughts and actions are oriented towards corporate guiding principles We are aware that this ideal represents the desired target state. Our claim is to approach this state with every action on every day.

Nevertheless: the guiding principles are, if nothing else, our code of conduct, which can be used to measure our actions by us and our stakeholders.

The following six values are at the center of our actions:

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Team Spirit
  • Effective Success

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Efficient Processes, Efficient Team, High Professionalism

Efficient, lean company processes in all aspects of the value chain enable our 60-person team to take care of about 200 customers professionally. Hence, every single person is entitled and obliged to assume responsibility – there’s no other way.

Due to flat hierarchies and inter-departmental interfaces, we operate quickly and unbureaucraticly. Short coordination paths and efficient processes with clearly-defined responsibilities render this possible. This is why we are always one step ahead. Our management is also involved operationally, for example to expedite consulting or keep a sales-related appointment.

Team spirit is very important to us. We cooperate and are jointly responsible for reaching our goals. Hence, new colleagues do not only need to fit into the respective division, but also into the whole team.

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Diversity and Transparency

With experience from about 400 projects and three mature software solutions, zetVisions AG is the leading European IT-competence-center for legal entity management and at the same time also the biggest provider of applications for this topic. However, we do not rest on our laurels, on the contrary: our new SAP-based solution for master data management opens up new perspectives. Typical for medium-sized companies our size the tasks of every single in our company are multifarious and broad in scope.

Inward and outward openness in both thoughts and actions is one of the key characteristics of our corporate culture. For us, the smooth, inter-departmental information flow in our company is not only nice to have but also an important requirement for the success of the whole team. We develop our software solutions with the help of modern SCRUM-methods in order to be able to respond to requirements more quickly and flexible and to ensure a transparent development.

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Career and Private Life

Today there is always talk about "work-life-balance", when taken literally, it is about the balance between living and working – as if working was a kind of "not living". We regard work and private life as a unity; work is an important part of our life, no more, no less. There are other things in life that bear individual meaning for each of us. At zetVisions, we take care that these are given the attention they deserve. Even if the ideal harmony between job requirements and private issues may not always take place, we have the claim that our employees see their job as a part of their life but still have a life outside of work, which provides balance and stability.