Metropolitan Area Rhine-Neckar

zetVisions is located in Heidelberg – and is situated in the Metropolitan Area Rhine-Neckar. This region, with its centers Mannheim, Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen belongs to the top regions in Germany and is marked by a unique triad of economy, academics and quality of living.


The Metropolitan Area Rhine-Neckar belongs to the most important business locations in Germany. An above-average number of market-listed companies are based here. The region is especially characterized by its healthy and sustainable mix of industries. Global players, as well as medium-sized global market leaders, hidden champions and innovative start-ups are located here.


There is hardly any other region in which the pursuit of academic insight has a tradition as long as in the Metropolitan Area Rhine-Neckar (MRN). The Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg, which was founded in 1386, is the oldest university in Germany. Today 89.000 students are enrolled in the 22 institutions of higher education in the region. Numerous Nobel laureates have a biographic or academic connection with the Metropolitan Area Rhine-Neckar. Also, both national and international rankings repeatedly confirm the excellence of the academic institutions. 

Quality of Living

Three world heritage sites, more than 200 castles, palaces and sacred buildings, three natural parks, a diverse local cuisine and high-end gastronomy, award-winning wines from four wine-growing areas, 15 top festivals, more than 110 theatres and cabraes, more than 200 museums, lots of mass spot and top-class sport events - the Metropolitan Area Rhine-Neckar offers everything that makes life colorful and worth living!