Success Stories

Many of our customers are always agreeing to referencial visits, calls and a personal exchange of insights. Hence, the project reports published here are only a small part of the information you can receive about our previous projects.

Due to the frequently sensitive data that are projects are concerned with, we are not able to publish essential information and project reports extensively.

Please contact us in case you are interested in any details.

zetVisions CIM at the Haniel Group

"With zetVisions CIM the specialty departments receive up-to-date information about all companies of the decentralized organized Haniel Group. Therewith all divisions benefit from this consistent basis of information."

Beate Bahr,
Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH

zetVisions CIM at the Haniel Goup

zetVisions Insighter at the Siemens Group

"We have to control our corporate law portfolio at 100 % at full transparency, to manage daily changes and to provide reliable information about the current investment stock for the entire group for the strategic and operative management, the intern and extern reporting and as an integrated master data generator for downstream systems. zetVisions Insighter is the technical base for our Corporate Investment Management – competent and reliable."

Bernhard Bieler
Vice President Subsidiary Management
Siemens AG

zetVisions Insighter at the Siemens Group