zetVisions Breakfast Meeting

Legal Entity Management – increasing efficiency

May 28, 2013 - Zurich (Switzerland)

Legal Entity Management can be extremely challenging. Corporate groups are subject to complex dynamics regarding their shareholding structure. With increasing corporate integration the economic and strategic importance of legal entity management is also growing. Individual departments are being turned into autonomous units with their own profit responsibility, production processes are being outsourced to other countries, and companies are being acquired and restructured.

Comprehensive reporting and analysis functions provide the necessary transparency. This enables you to analyze the performance and value development of single subsidiaries based on detailed data.

The Zurich Insurance Company, customer of zetVisions, shares with you their experience and their application of zetVisions CIM, our solution for legal entity management.

Furthermore, we are going to demonstrate how user friendly and simple it is to navigate and maintain this solution, and how it contributes to an increase of efficiency as well as a high level of security with regards to compliance.


Download the flyer and application form with the agenda

Agenda and Flyer

Jens Ostheeren has been working for Zurich Insurance Company Ltd since six years and he is the Head of Finance Solution Management. This department currently has 22 employees within group function Group Finance, which is executively and professionally responsible for the central systems of internal and external corporate reporting and consolidation. Finance Solutions Management simultaneously covers the interface to the IT.

Barbara Seiwert is responsible as Director Sales Strategy for Sales as well as for the strategic sales direction of  zetVisions AG. Barbara helds an Electrical Engineer degree from University of Applied Science Saarbrücken and a degree in Economics from Open University of AKAD Rendsburg/Lahr.  
After ten years in software development and project management in the office automation field she joined into sales. Barbara has 15 years of sales experience in international companies in different positions. For more than 9 years, she is been working in sales of solutions in the financial services and investment management and has launched an international company onto German market.

Renu Stahl has been working for Zurich Insurance Company Ltd since five and a half years and is the Head of Master Data Management. This department currently has four employees within the group function Group Finance and carries the technical responsibility for the maintenance of master data of the worldwide consolidated group companies and the group chart of accounts.

Andreas Stock, Head of Presales, is responsible for all Presales activities of zetVisions AG and he acts as interface between the product management and the customer. Before zetVisions he had worked ten years for the software companies Oracle (Hyperion Solutions) and SAS Institute. He has sales experience in the area of Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence. In the field of legal entity management he has more than six years of experience.


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