Master Data Management – Ensuring data quality, data governance and process efficiency

October 21, 2014, Stockholm (Sweden)

Processes in core business and master data are strongly connected. Only coordinated, they can ensure an increase in efficiency and a reduction in costs. The central provision of reliable master data is one of a company's central tasks, which results in efficient business decisions – and at least a raise of company value.

Master data with its various characteristics is often an undervalued asset. The reality shows that companies enter master data in different systems. A coherent view on the data and consequently a reliable basis for corporate decisions do not exist, which influences efficiency aspects.

However, if corresponding data from one domain is brought together, it will be easy to create a “golden record” for example for customers, products, suppliers and to detect interdependencies.

Such a multi-domain master data management creates a "single point of truth" for different master data domains and provides several advantages:

  • enables cost reductions,
  • simplifies data management as well as cross-departmental cooperation,
  • combines various data domains to give a comprehensive 360-degree view on master data
  • and finally positions companies far ahead in the competition.

See for yourself how user friendly and simple it is to navigate and maintain the web-based solution zetVisions SPoT for multi-domain master data management and how it contributes to an increase of process efficiency, data quality, transparency and supports data governance aspects.


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Welcome & Registration

Welcome / Short introduction of participants
Monika Pürsing, CEO, zetVisions AG


The evolution of best practices in Master Data and Master Data Management (MDM)

  • Is golden record / single version of truth really a meaningful concept?
  • Do we need a holistic perspective to and governance of MD?
  • Single domain or multi domain development?
  • Master data and process development

Tomi Dahlberg, CEO, Tomi Dahlberg Oy, leading expert in Data management and MDM


Customer Master Data: Simple, Flexible and Governed “Single Point of Truth”
When colleagues become customers

  • From the idea to an in-house project
  • Challenges
  • Project approach
  • Status quo and outlook
  • Lessons Learnt

Monika Pürsing, CEO, zetVisions AG


Live Demo of the standard software solution zetVisions SPoT (Single Point of Truth) for Master Data Management
Andreas Stock, Head of Presales, zetVisions AG

12:00-13:00 Break / Lunch


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