November 6

Next Level Master Data Management (Switzerland):

More and more often data is recognized as an asset in the companies. It is an inevitable part and one of the success triggers of the digital transformation journey. The value of the data is also recognized by the legal structures and therefore complex requirements are raised on data management. Data management is impacted by new challenges, such as needs not only to match the new business, technological and legal requirements, but also support the organization in this transformation with the internal expertise. Lack of proper governance, poor data quality and transparency on the data flows can impede the digital transformation of companies and lead to financial consequences.


February 7-8

19. Master Data Management Conference in Amsterdam (Netherlands):

This Master Data Management Conference focused on tackling challenges on the journey towards business critical master data saving money and bringing new business. For over 8 years this event has been a great platform for MDM leaders from multinational companies to benchmark and exchange excellent ideas.