Legal Entity Management –
a Full Overview of Your Investment Structures

Legally compliant, transparent and up-to-date

Investment administration, investment controlling and investment management are all part of legal entity management.

As interrelations between companies increase, the commercial and strategic relevance of legal entity management increases as well. Specialized software solutions are able to depict changes in the investment portfolio and facilitate an active governance and optimization of their investment structures for company groups.

Efficient legal entity management turns into a real competitive advantage due to the cooperation of different departments as well as subsidiaries and the headquarters.

The demanding tasks of legal entity management cover different departments. Hence, the areas of legal, mergers and acquisitions, taxes, finance and controlling are often involved in the process; sometimes this even includes a special department of "legal entity management".

Often, one area is responsible for the leading tasks. Which area that is depends on the organizational structure of the group of companies. However, challenges are identical:

  • Complex investment structures
  • Timeliness of data
  • Reliability of data across all areas
  • Compliance & transparency
  • Legal reporting
  • Internal and external reporting
  • Cross-departmental cooperation

Complex Investment Structures –
Easy and Efficient Solutions!

Legal entity management doesn’t have to be complex. We support the necessary processes with our software solutions and hence offer a platform for up-to-dateness of data and compliance.

Your benefits:

  • Reliable data that is up-to-date
  • Easy monitoring of compliance rules
  • An overview of your investment structures at any time
  • Process-based cooperation
  • Automatized legal reporting
  • Integration of related systems

Scalability – As Flexible As Your Requirements

As challenges in legal entity management are rising with the number of investments and international locations, our solutions are adjusting to your requirements as well.

The range of requirements spans from a "lean legal entity management" to an "integrated legal entity management".

"Lean legal entity management" is often characterized by its centralized approach and the focus on investment administration. This means that it is run by one or two departments (for example the legal or mergers and acquisitions department). With this approach we especially support you by:

  • Optimizing your routine jobs
    • Data collection
    • Requests for investments
    • Providing investment structures
  • Depicting centralized data responsibility
  • Maintaining important documents
  • Managing contracts and deadlines
  • Automatizing possible legal reporting requirements

The "integrated legal entity management" aims to depict investment administration, controlling and management. Here, the focus lies with establishing a cross-departmental legal entity management and providing all departments with the necessary investment data through one source. This can take place by providing a direct access to data or a technical integration and supply of related solutions, e.g. in the area of controlling or finance. With this approach we support you with:

  • Processes with investment relevance across all areas
  • Internal and external communication of investment structures
  • Audit security – which is especially important in case of shared data entry
  • Automatized reporting
  • Performance check of investments
  • Investment management
  • Reporting
  • Data distribution to related systems

Trust in the Market Leader of Legal Entity Management Applications in Europe

With zetVisions AMI, zetVisions CIM and zetVisions Insighter, zetVisions offers you three mature solutions with different technological bases for an ideal support of investment-relevant processes in corporate groups. With zetVisions CIM, we offer you the only software for legal entity management worldwide that is SAP-based and certified by auditors. We have proven our competence in numerous ambitious projects across all industries and can cover the comprehensive requirements of this broad field of expertise with our economic applications. Through our solutions and a strong customer base in Europe, we are also the leader of competence and quality for the topic of legal entity management.

We are further developing our solutions in cooperation with our customers in order to fulfil their specific as well as any market-based requirements.

Benefit from our comprehensive know-how with more than 20 years of experience!

SAP-based legal entity management for companies