Legal Reporting

One of the most pressing tasks of legal entity management is the automated fulfillment of legal and internal reporting obligations. Through the implementation of standard software, these obligations require only minimal effort and time, thereby easing the burden on highly qualified and urgently needed personnel.

Legal notifications are already available for the following jurisdictions: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain (UK forms), Ireland (Irish forms), USA (Hart-Scott-Rodino Act), France, and others – a decisive advantage for internationally operating corporations!

The available standardized legal notifications are growing constantly – please contact us for the most current version. You find just an abstract of the already available legal reporting within the software solution zetVisions CIM below.

Legal Notifications to the UK Companies House

A variety of frequently occurring reportable events can be reported to the Companies House by using the available legal notification forms in our standard software solution zetVisions CIM for legal entity management. The forms will be automatically generated and filled in zetVisions CIM. Individual cases may require a data modification by the user. The filled forms can be then transferred to the Companies House via an e-filing interface.

zetVisions is a registered and authorized supplier for transferring UK forms to the Companies House. Find us listed on the Companies House website.

Legal Reporting for UK Forms with E-Filing

UK Form AD01 Change the registered office of a UK company
UK Forms AP01 – AP04, CH01 – CH04, TM01/TM02 Appointment, change and termination of an appointment of a Director or secretary including change of details
UK Form AA01 Change of accounting reference date
UK Forms AD02, AD03 and AD04 Notice of Single alternative inspection location (SAIL), documents kept there or returned to the registered office
UK Form SH01 Notice of increase in nominal capital and Return of Allotment of Shares
UK Form AR01

Annual return of UK company

Legal Reporting for USA

HSR 6a

Hart Scott Rodino Act

HSR 6b

Hart Scott Rodino Act

HSR 6c

Hart Scott Rodino Act


Annual Report of Foreign Banking Organizations (Items 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b und 3c)

Legal Reporting for Germany

 Germany I

Tax Code (AO) §138(2)

Foreign companies and permanent establishments

Foreign Trade and Payments Regulation (AWV) §56a

Foreign assets K3 notification

Foreign Trade and Payments Regulation (AWV) §56a

Negative report K3 notification

Commercial Code (HGB) §285(10)

List of appointments, annual financial statement, notes to financial statement

Commercial Code (HGB) §285(11)

Share ownership list

Commercial Code (HGB) §313(2)

Share ownership list, annual financial statement, notes to financial statement

Legal Reporting for Germany

 Germany II

Act on Limited Liability Companies (GmbHG) §40

List of shareholders

Stock Corporation Act (AktG) §20

Threshold value stock corporation 25%, 50%

Stock Corporation Act (AktG) §21

Threshold value companies limited by shares 25%, 50%

Securities Trading Act (WpHG) §21

Notification of threshold value