Grows with your needs

Having your overall goal at heart, SPoT adapts to your needs and supports you maintaining your master data and processes. Even if you start with one master data domain, expanding to a multi-domain master data management through SPoT is possible at any time.

Keeping a firm hand on your master data domain:
Single-domain master data management

Your demands in the area of master data management are increasing? Our solutions adjust to your needs. As soon as you have identified the relevant business processes, we will help you with creating new master data entry processes and the associated data governance.

You can either start with just one master data domain (single-domain), for example customer master data, or immediately approach a number of domains (multi-domains). It is important to keep an eye on the overall goal and the entire business processes when implementing a master data initiative. Once one decides upon "single-domain master data management", one will receive single solutions for different domains, which do not communicate, in the end once again. Correlations between the domains cannot be identified. Hence, this would disagree with the principal of a central master data management for all relevant domains in one system.

With the single-domain approach we help provide you with:

  • Improved and sustainable data consistency and data quality within one master data domain
  • Simplified and optimized data entry processes
  • High transparency in data distribution
  • Cost reductions

A 360-degree view of your master data with a Multi-Domain Master Data Management

However, if corresponding data from one domain is brought together, it will be easy to create a "golden record" (for example for customers, products, suppliers) and to detect interdependencies. You will receive a 360-degree overview of your master data across all domains. Master Data Management therefore creates the “one truth” for different master data domains across the entire business process.

With the multi-domain approach we help provide you with:

  • Improved and sustainable data consistency and data quality across all business processes
  • Cost reductions
  • Improved process efficiency and performance through cross-departmental cooperation
  • The basis for identifying correlations between domains
  • A 360-degree overview of all your master data

One solution for all master data domains – which master data domain are you starting with?

The multi-domain master data management solution zetVisions SPoT supports you with your master data initiative by providing a "Single Point of Truth" (SPoT) for different master data domains, for example for customer, finance, product master data or freely definable master data domains.

The SAP-based solution assists you in improving both the quality and up-to-dateness of master data while also helping you to optimize process efficiency. Furthermore it ensures a complete transparency and documentation of the distribution and use of master data. Data are entered separately over a web interface, validated centrally and distributed to target systems. This happens with the help of workflows or approval processes. Clearly defined responsibilities with regard to data entry and data approval help to provide you with more data governance and an efficient master data management across both the group and all master data domains.

zetVisions´ master data management provides you with:

  • More data governance – through controlled processes and clearly defined responsibilities
  • More transparency – through the documentation of master data changes as well as recording which systems provide or receive data
  • High flexibility and customizability – from the user interface, to the data model and processes (requests), to the data transfer (interfaces)