Is there also a huge effort necessary in your company in order to provide financial master data in the system with a temporal validity on time, validated and complete? No wonder! Because if you have processed the distribution of account data so far mostly manually, it may often lead to incorrect and inconsistent financial master data, which fall far short of the requested compliance rules. The consequences: high audit fees and a high effort when making the data available. With SPoT you can reliably counteract this gloomy picture, instead provide consistent data – for your finance department, and company-wide.

Key benefits

  • Complete and up-to-date financial master data across all systems
  • Reliable information about financial statement structure, cost and profit centers as well as accounts
  • Smooth operation of local and company-relevant bookings, reconciliations and closings
  • Consistent charts of accounts
  • Flexibility in connecting other systems through data transfer

The result

Accelerated and uniform processes for updates of charts of accounts and closings considerably reduce the degree of reconciliation. Furthermore, you profit from reduced audit efforts as well as audit fees, and therefore decrease the risk of compliance problems due to higher transparency.


"In order to keep our charts of accounts up-to-date we used to have to invest a lot of time and effort. With SPoT we profit from a uniform and especially a clean database and the process for the update of charts of accounts could be accelerated considerably. Now our financial master data easily withstands any audit. SPoT was a lucky choice for us!"