SPoT for freely definable master data


With SPoT you can define custom master data based on your company’s requirements, which otherwise could not be assigned to other existing master data domains. This custom master data may include organizational structures or reference data, such as regional or country hierarchies, consolidation units or scopes.


  • Flexible modeling of master data objects
  • Central maintenance of organizational structures and hierarchies etc. in a consistent data source Improved data quality: validation of structure and hierarchy in the validation framework directly via the web interface
  • Automated derivation of hierarchies: changing leading hierarchies results in automated derivation for other dependent hierarchies (e.g. segment/country hierarchy)
  • Simplified and consistent data entry for the user
  • Transparency and fully documented changes through modification records
  • Audit-compliant history of master data (structures/hierarchies) at any time
  • Comparison of hierarchy changes possible via effective dates
  • Flexible and adjustable data transfer for all structure and hierarchy types

The result

The flexible master data modeling allows you an efficient and accurate illustration of organizational structures, hierarchies, consolidation units and scopes with an audit-compliant history. Gain transparency and reduce error sources already at data entry – with SPoT | FLEX for your freely definable master data model.